I had presented to computer engineering students at the Eastern Mediterranean University and Cyprus International University about developing SQL Server and ADO.NET on different times.

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I had present a session about “Visual Studio 2010 – Cool New Features”. You can see the presentation at the below.

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You had a chance (!!??) to work with WinDBG with SOS.DLL extension for debugging .net applications.

Psscor2 provides a superset of SOS.DLL functionality, specially for ASP.NET application. I already used it in only ASP.NET based projects, so this improvements will help me a lot (I am prying for not to need it in real life scenarios).

Earlier I was using this command for listing all exceptions.

 .foreach (ex {!dumpheap -type Exception -short}){.echo "********************************";!pe -nested ${ex} }

It says; "list all types which has a name that contains ‘Exception’ word.";

Now with PSSCOR2; DumpAllExceptions (shorted as dae) command does the work.


For example, Psscor2 provides the ability to view:

  • managed call stacks (with source mappings)
  • managed exception information
  • what types are in the managed heap and their reference chain
  • which ASP.NET pages are running on which thread
  • the contents of the ASP.NET cache
  • and much more.

Download url: https://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.html?FamilyID=5c068e9f-ebfe-48a5-8b2f-0ad6ab454ad4&displayLang=en

For more information please check out :


Turkish resource about advanced debugging technics : Ahmet Mitat Bostanci https://blogs.msdn.com/amb/

Today Microsoft organized an event named “Sharepoint 2010 Last Stop Before Launch”.

I had a session named Office Web Apps, Visio Services and Access Services. You can see the presentation at below.

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jQuery 1.4 Alpha 2 Released.

This is the second release of 1.4 Alpha version. 1.4 version contains some improvements and fixes. They are trying to fix all of the submitted bugs. And they will add some optimizations. Below a list of improvements from the Alpha 1 release announcement.

live was drastically overhauled and now supports submit, change, mouseenter, mouseleave, focus, and blur events in all browsers. Also now supports context and data.
append, prepend, etc. have been heavily optimized.
add has been adjusted to always return elements in document order.
find, empty, remove, addClass, removeClass, hasClass, attr, and css have been heavily optimized.

ScottGu’s announced about VS 2010 and .NET 4 Release Candidate releases. RC will be avaible in February.

The goal behind the Release Candidate is to ensure that performance problems in Beta2 are fixed and products are ready for RTM release.

ScottGu says this will postpone the RTM release a few weeks. I think every developer who will use this products can wait a few weeks for a high quality.

For more information you can read Scott’s blog entry.