Sharepoint 2010 version can be installed on client operating systems. (Windows 7,Vista)

I will share some information about installing Sharepoint Foundation on a Windows 7 without AD (Active Directory) (Domain). So this blog entry doesn’t aim to be full installation guide for Sharepoint (Foundation) 2010.

Before starting to installation you need to install a hotfix for your operating system. The hotfix is available for Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Vista Service Pack 1, and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

After you downloaded SharepointFoundation.exe from Microsoft download center, you need to extract files out from the exe file.

SharepointFoundation.exe gets “extract” parameter to extract files. You can run the command at the below to extract files.

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I am using ASP.NET MVC framework from the time first beta bits released, I am big fan of this framework because of it’s extensibility and specifically simplicity.

ASP.NET MVC framework activates the controllers when a request arrived to it’s pipeline. Default naming and structure rules of controllers are :

  • Controller class name must ends with “Controller”.
  • Controller class must have constructor with no parameters.

These constraints come from the default controller factory of ASP.NET MVC Framework.

Why I need need to create a custom controller factory?

It doesn’t have a meaning to create because of you can create that. You may need to create your controllers in a special way like we are doing in this post, you may want to pass some parameters on constructor of controllers. You may want to manage the lifetime of objects required by controller constructors with an IoC library (like windsor, structuremap).

It’s a good practice to passing required Repository objects on constructor, so you can pass actual mocked or stub objects in the unit tests, plus, in runtime your repository objects lifetime can manage by your IoC library.

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SQL Server database snapshot feature provides you to have a read-only copy of your current database. You can create a snapshot only on the server which is actual db located. In other words, you can’t create a snapshot on any other server than the server that host your actual database.

We use snapshots for solving some reporting problem and some scenarios like that. Benefits of the snapshot is not the subject of this blog entry.

If you have experience with SQL Server snapshot, did you think about this limitation? What is the design issues under this limitation?

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Dynamic Management Views and Functions feature comes with SQL Server 2005 version. They provides some information about system, and what is going under when SQL Server running. So you can use DMV and DMF objects to monitor the system and tune it. These object located under sys schema and names are start with the dm. As previous system objects in SQL Server, internal implementation of these objects can be change with the future releases.

I want to share some code snippets about some of DMV/F’s which I had use while tuning and monitoring SQL Server.

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Continuous Integration is a software development practice. This practice and name firstly pronounced by Martin Fowler and Kent Beck in 1999. The idea behind this practice is integrating the code that is checked in by developers frequently.

Picture this scenario; you have a team of developers and every developer makes checkins their work. All of the developers try to build the changes they made successfully in their own machines. But every developer makes checkins and these checkins must be integrated and you need to know that all checkins can work in the whole system successfully. I know some companies dedicate some people only for this job -making integrations manually-. This is not a good solution.

The solution is automation! Continuous Integration (CI) automates this process.

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Yesterday I presented about TFS 2010 Source Control (Advanced) at the Microsoft ISV Days event. You can see the presentation at the below.

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I had presented to computer engineering students at the Eastern Mediterranean University and Cyprus International University about developing SQL Server and ADO.NET on different times.

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Yesterday I presented about TFS 2010 Source Control (Introduction) at the Microsoft ISV Days event. You can see the presentation at the below.

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I had present a session about “Visual Studio 2010 – Cool New Features”. You can see the presentation at the below.

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Microsoft, organized a technical seminar day for Microsoft Istanbul ISV Partners. I had a session about “Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 New Team Features”. You can download the presentation from the link below.

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