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Before I write some code and sample oriented articles about ASP.NET MVC Framework Action Filters. I want to make a quick introduction and talk about filters. You may need to do something before or after your action methods get executed. ASP.NET MVC Framework provides some level of filters to do that kind of things. Filters [...]

In my previous blog entry (How to create custom HTML Helpers for ASP.NET MVC 3 and Razor View Engine) I mentioned extensibility point of Razor View Engine to change view/page base class type. It’s not a new approach for ASP.NET developers, we have been applying same pattern for ASP.NET Web Pages too. You have to [...]

I will try to show you a basic feature of ASP.NET MVC, creating custom HTML Helpers. We can reduce the amount of logic in view pages (razor or –aspx- pages) by extracting logic code as method. HTML Helper methods are nothing more than methods that are returning string. If you want to write your [...]