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  Two weeks ago we had a memory leak problem with Silverlight Toolkit Chart Control. If you want to see a sample code for reproducing and more details you can read details of the issue on CodePlex. After spending some time with this Silverlight Toolkit Chart Control Memory Leak problem, I figured out the reason [...]

If you are using ReSharper, you know ReSharper can detect inconsistent namings in your code files. That’s a wonderful feature like other ReSharper features. But default settings is not good for test files because I am using a naming standard with underscores and ReSharper warns me for inconsistent name. If you press Alt+Enter ReSharper will [...]

I needed to export some data as CSV file. And I decided to create an action result to return correct format. In my scenario DataTable was the best option to use as a data source. This code snippet shows how to export a DataTable as CSV file. As you know this file format can be [...]