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I am using ASP.NET MVC framework from the time first beta bits released, I am big fan of this framework because of it’s extensibility and specifically simplicity. ASP.NET MVC framework activates the controllers when a request arrived to it’s pipeline. Default naming and structure rules of controllers are : Controller class name must ends with [...]

SQL Server database snapshot feature provides you to have a read-only copy of your current database. You can create a snapshot only on the server which is actual db located. In other words, you can’t create a snapshot on any other server than the server that host your actual database. We use snapshots for solving [...]

Dynamic Management Views and Functions feature comes with SQL Server 2005 version. They provides some information about system, and what is going under when SQL Server running. So you can use DMV and DMF objects to monitor the system and tune it. These object located under sys schema and names are start with the dm. [...]

Continuous Integration is a software development practice. This practice and name firstly pronounced by Martin Fowler and Kent Beck in 1999. The idea behind this practice is integrating the code that is checked in by developers frequently. Picture this scenario; you have a team of developers and every developer makes checkins their work. All of [...]