Team Foundation Server Proxy

24 Nov

Team System contains a server software named Team Foundation Server Proxy for using TFS SCM in remote locations with more efficient way.
Image at the below gives you ideas about using the TFS Proxy.

Think about that;  you have a distributed development environment, there are developers in another office location of your company. They can connect TFS over HTTP, there is no need for any other application or server infrastructure. But using TFS proxy speeds up the developers at the remote locations.

Clients don’t connect to the TFS Proxy for every request. TFS Proxy be used for caching downloaded files, etc. For example when you checkout a file, TFC (Team Foundation Client – Team Explorer) directly connects to the main TFS server.
For setting up TFS Proxy server environment follow the steps in the TFS Installation Gude.

After the installation is completed you need to modify the proxy.config in the %PROGRAMFILES%\\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Web Services\VersionControlProxy directory.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<proxyconfiguration xmlns:xsi=""

Developer who will connect over proxy server needs to configure Team Foundation Client to use proxy server. In the configuration page (Visual Studio > Tools > Options > Source Control > Team Foundation Server) specify the proxy server name and port.


After that Team Explorer will use TFS Proxy for appropriate actions like getting latest version. But actions like checking out a file always be processed on TFS Server.


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